Bedri Rahmi (Taskaya) Cove: in 1974, before the death of the famous painter, he painted a rock and it had 6 animals depicted and the around of the picture looked like a fish and this painting of the painter is one of the symbols of Gocek.
Tersane (shipyard) Island : It involves a shipyard and an observation tower that was used during Byzantine and Ottoman period.
Yassica Islands or in other names, Yassicalar (flat islands) are named so because of their shape and they consist of seven small island side by side.
It is a cove that has green and blue together and has historical ruins of sunken bathhouse in the Cleopatra Barhhouse Cove. It was named after this bath, which is said to have been built by Kleopatra.
Yavansu Cove : This cove is named after the quality of water that comes from the mountains; this water can only be drunk by animals because of its tastelessness and this is why the cove was named so.
Domuz (Pig) Island : When you see the underwater ruins in Domuz Island which was named after the feral pigs, you will be mesmerized by its shades of blue.Kızıl (Red) Island : It is named so, because the sand and gravel on the coast of the sunset is reddish color.
Zeytin (Olive) Island : There is an olive Squeezing workshop that is though to be dated back to Ottoman Period.
Akvaryum (Aquarium) Cove : It is named after the clarity of the water.
Atbuku (Kargilik- Karanlik (Dark) Cove ) : There are reeds called kargi by the locals in the cove, and the cove takes its name from it.
Gobun Cove : One of the German warships named Goben, which was fleeting from the British Navy anchored off this cove during the Ottoman Empire. Its name has started to be known as ''Gobun'' over the years. (Sourced by Mr. Muammer, who is a local of the region and has a restaurant.)
Boynuzbuku Cove : It takes its name from the cove's geographical structure.